Product Care

Shoe Care Advice
  • Leather Uppers - Regular use of a suitable shoe cream or wax polish to clean leather uppers will help to protect the leather and stop creasing. This will make the shoes waterproof. Before wear we would advise the treatment of our products with the appropriate protector.
  • Nubuck/ Suede Uppers - Extra care should be taken when cleaning. A suede brush with a nubuck/suede cleaner should remove most stains. Regular use of a protector spray will help guard against staining and water penetration.
  • Delicate Fabric & Trims - Beads and Crystals will come off if worn in conditions where they are rubbed or scuffed. It does not represent faulty shoes.
  • Hell Tips - Heel tips are replaceable component and should be replaced an a regular basis to prevent damage to the heels. Spare heels tips are included with many of our styles.
  • Soles - Leather shoes are a natural product and are porous in wet conditions, for this reasons we do not recommend that they be worn excessively in very wet conditions. A leather sole will wear away ( even in normal conditions) making it necessary to resole regularly. Leather soles are often painted, this is a cosmetic feature, when worn the outer sole colour will wear away in patches. 

Jewellery Care Advice

  • Wearing Jewellery Cosmetics, skincare products, perfume, hairspray – a surprising number of beauty aids have the reverse effect on jewellery, reacting with gold alloys or eroding plated surfaces.So take extra care when you dress and undress.

• Put on jewellery last, after you’ve finished using make up, hairspray and perfume.
• Remove jewellery first when you undress, so chains, bracelets and earrings won’t get caught in your clothes and damaged.

• Wear jewellery in the bath or shower, where it can come into contact with bath oils.
• Wear jewellery while you’re swimming chlorine and salt water can also cause damage.

  • Storing Jewellery

• Invest in a jewel case with separate compartments.
• Wrap pearls separately to protect them.
• Store chains flat

• Store different types of gemstone together they vary in hardness and the more fragile stones may get scratched.

  • Cleaning Costume Jewellery Cleaning Costume Jewellery is extremely simple, but it needs to be done on a regular basis to prevent tarnishing. Simply use a dampen cloth with a mild detergent mixed in water. It is important not to soak the jewellery and to make sure that you dry it thoroughly before storing it.



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