December 06 2019

3 Ways to Dress Up the Season with Party Shoes for Women

shoes for women

While you are busy RSVPing to party invites for this festive season, we are here to banish the little niggle at the back of your mind, telling you that you ‘have nothing to wear... on your feet.’ When it comes to party shoes for women, our little elves at PurpleTag are ready to stock your wishlist and fill your stockings with a selection of our favourite women’s shoe brands – Ruby Shoo, Amy Huberman, Una Healy and Kate Appleby.  

Read on to discover what we have in store for you... 

#1 A Touch of Red 

There is a shade of red for every woman.’  
[Audrey Hepburn] 


It’s party season and that means it’s time to paint the town red! We have the perfect selection of women’s shoes, heels, pumps or boots for you to do that in bold style. If you are not sure whether red looks good on everyone, we can guarantee that it always looks good on your feet! So, trust our stylists who follow American fashion designer, Bill Blass’ advice: ‘When in doubt, wear red.’  

But where to start? 

If you’ve always dreamt of stopping the crowds in their tracks with some moulin rouge seductive sophistication, then Ruby Shoo definitely needs to be your first stop. The Amber Red and Cora Burgundy flats with their delightful red bows will get any party started. And if you prefer heels, then the vintage romance of a pair of Harper Red shoes will add just the right amount of flair.  

 shoes for women

Ruby Shoo patterned Victorian-era lace-up ankle boots 

If you’re hunting for a pair of red sandals to show off a little black cocktail dress, or you are desperate to make an outfit pop with bright red stiletto ankle boots or bold snakeskin ankle boots, then the Una Healy collection is where you should spend some time. 

Your last stop in search of a perfect pair of red women’s shoes is Kate Appleby. The sexy-cut deep red and faux suede of the Rayner high-heeled court shoes take party elegance to the next level, while the Bentham Damson Wine knee-high boots, with their gold-tone embellishments, are designed to make the crowds swoon.  


#2 A Hint of Green 

‘People will stare, make it worth their while.’ 
[Harry Winston] 


Green is apparently the new black, and we believe this trend of shoes for women - in any shade of green - is the reason people will stare. The subtle beauty and harmony of green, with any party outfit, is an irresistible compliment.

  shoes for women You Again Green Ankle Boots from the Bourbon Amy Huberman Collection 

Kicking off with Amy Huberman, the forest green tones and laidback comfort of her ankle boots, combined with a touch of metallic detailing, are causing quite a stir. They are likely to become your go-to boots for party time (or anytime, for that matter!).  

Kate Appleby takes it up a notch with her Alford Emerald court shoes. The subtle glitter effect and red soles are a cheeky surprise element: as you put your feet up, others will definitely stare … green with envy!  

Like we said, any shade of green will do the (party) trick and the Ruby Shoo women’s shoe collection harkens back to an era of glamorous romance and vintage celebration with the Ashley green shoes, floral patterns and vintage heels. 


#3 A Glimmer of Sparkle 

‘You mustn’t be afraid to sparkle a little brighter, darling.’ 
[Kirsten Kuehn] 


Whether it is glitter, shine, sparkle or bling, that is what women’s party shoes are made of. And when you dip your feet into some bejewelled metallic shine, enchantment and magic are inevitable and will turn the party scene upside down!  

shoes for women


If you love Una Healy, then you can either show restraint with the gorgeous DNA vinyl black flats with gold-tone detailing, or you can go all out with the Battle Lines Speck Silver sandals with a glossy mirror effect. If you want to soften the look and go pretty in pink, then the Here Standing Pit Pink Ankle Boots with bevelled high-shine heels are drop-dead gorgeous. 

Ruby Shoo introduces two party girl designs – Matilda and Clarissa. If you are partial to gold and cream, then Matilda, with her art deco elegance, is your gal. If you love vintage glam, then Clarissa is ‘the one’.  

The Amy Huberman party shoes for women prove that all that glitters is gold! Starting with the luxurious Julie Fizz Gold peep-toe shoe boots, we move on to the Just Wright Rose/Bling sandals with their jewel-encrusted straps and perspex-panelled shine heels. But the pièce-de-résistance has to be the Home Again Blush/Stardust platform sandals - the glittering heel and platform sole will make any girl feel like the belle of the ball. 



There you have it! PurpleTag is officially this season’s online fairy godmother to transform any party outfit. So before the clock strikes 12, we suggest you head on over to our party shoes for women and start deciding how many parties you want to attend this festive season. 

Among our popular high street brands, you will definitely find the perfect pair of party shoes to make you feel like a princess.  

PS...As the festive season is the season of giving, how about purchasing a PurpleTag gift voucher to spoil your loved ones? 

shoes for women



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