January 30 2020

Join the Revolution: How to Style Up Your Runners


It’s finally here: the era where women are taking centre stage and being recognised and heard for who they really are. Paving that new path are modern shoe trends – giving women the freedom to live, breathe, and walk. Runners, which are winning this revolutionary race, are no longer relegated to activewear and lazy days. They are conquering the High Street Fashion scene with real solutions for real women.


As style statements, runners are a welcome fashion surprise, adding a cool sophistication to any outfit and ushering in a new decade where women’s shoe fashions meet real life. They are effortlessly vibrant and liberating, enabling women to walk with bold purpose - in fearless style. Comfortable and practical, while being a showstopping trend among shoes online, sneakers know what it is to walk a mile in a woman’s shoes! 

If you’re ready to join this style movement, there are many ways to dress up your beloved trainers. PurpleTag’s shoes online are ready to give you some inspiration.


The Elegant and Formal Sneaker

 Runners can transform a formal outfit with understated elegance. For a soft and minimalistic look, simple white sneakers are fresh and effortlessly stylish, creating that #wokeuplikethis kind of natural beauty. Styling white sneakers with classic linen trousers or a soft slip dress will evoke a breezy and feminine - almost Mediterranean - quality!


Shoes online for inspiration:

Slimline Amy Huberman trainers or S. Oliver white runners 

For some chic elegance, remember that monochromatic colours never go out of style, especially when they’re in black. Black runners with a straight line black dress or skirt will lend a classy and confident look, getting you ready to be a Ms Bossy Boots - in sneaker style! 

Shoes online for inspiration:

Elegant Tamaris runners

If you’re not defined by boxes, you can be a ‘sneakers and pearls kind of girl’ and get away with it! Combine the overstated and understated for the fun side of refined life. Formal lunch meetings will be a walk in the park!  


Shoes online for inspiration:

Mustang shoes for a wild complement to fancy accessories

 And never underestimate the power of runners to put on a show of their own! Glitzy trainers are a glam alternative to smart shoes.

Shoes online for inspiration:

These sparkly sketchers could be a party on their own, while shiny Fitflops are elegant trainers in Great Gatsby style!


The Whimsical and Everyday Sneaker

 Whatever your day-to-day activities, runners are your gal pals. Whether you are sitting at a café or running errands, you can sport the cute and sassy look with ease. Wear a frilly summer dress with some chunky runners and you’ll be the sweetheart of the town (with a mind of her own). Replace these with the chunky sole of flatform sneakers and you’re bound to step into every room with attitude.


Shoes online for inspiration:

Sporty Sketchers and cool Shoe Colate flatform trainers.

Looking for the on-the-go ‘boss it’ look? A straight-line mini skirt paired with some sporty runners will ensure that you look and feel in control. Plus, they say something about the efficient woman wearing them!

Shoes online for inspiration

Pastel coloured Mustangs

With the retro 80s style making a comeback, go ahead and partner an oversized jumper with a skirt or trousers and a pair of runners to create a cool, street cred vibe combined with city chic.


Shoes online for inspiration:

Chunky Shoe Colate sneakers

Showcase your bold personality and go eclectic with colour combinations: funky, colourful dresses paired with bright, fun shoes are bound to get attention and ignite your vibrant spirit.

Shoes online for inspiration:

Dashing SixtySeven trainers

Pair high-top shoes with calf-length trousers, skirts, and dresses to show off their height! 

Shoes online for inspiration:

Enviable Maria Mare 

Runners for Freedom of Movement 

Runners are on the move toward the future – for all women.

With PurpleTag’s collection of high street brands, you’re set to take over the world - in comfort and style! As Ireland’s online shoe retailer, you can get these current trends delivered to your door. Simply shop online for our wide range of runners.

Find your perfect Cinderella fit in trainers - with brands like Maria Mare, Sketchers, Tamaris, Rieker, and more!

And, in case you missed it, brush up on all the winter shoe trends while the cold winds are still blowing.



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