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How To Style Ankle Boots

by Graziele Silva on

Ankle boots are finding themselves in the annals of trending fashion, and we cannot get enough of these sassy footwear statements. Word on the ground, the high street and the catwalk concur – ankle boots are in. There is a pair to suit every foot, lifestyle, personality type, and outfit - from jeans to trench coats to...dare we say it...the little black dress. We are even prepared to suggest that you should not be seen outdoors this winter unless you are wearing a pair. 

As this season’s shoe essential, we issue a disclaimer upfront – one pair of ankle boots will not suffice! With what is on offer, you might have to redesign your shoe closet – and no, we are not joking.  

Here is a teaser to get your feet tapping: from spike-heeled and platformed to peep-toed and wedged; from lace-ups and bike-buckle fasteners to ballet-pink suede and every animal print in between - how in the ‘devil wears Prada’ will you choose? 

Una Healy Chelsea ankle boots
Chelsea Style ankle boots from the Una Healy collection

Not to worry - you don’t have to! In what universe does a girl own just one pair of boots? (And If you ever hear such voices in your head, silence them at once and go and get therapy – shoe therapy!) 

Let the ankle boot fashion phenomenon dominate your world - from Monday to Sunday, from work to the bar, and from coffee shop to dinner date.

Dress up a dress (or skirt or shorts) 

Yes, you heard it from us - ankle boots will sexy up any dress (long or short, bohemian or chic), any skirt (mini, midi or maxi), as well as any pair of shorts. To be ready in season and out, layer up with a trench coat and hit the streets with a confidence that will let your ankle boots do the talking. 


ankle boots
 Practical and stylish
Una Healy ankle boots

Give designer jeans a designer (w)edge  

Jeans aren’t going anywhere! Their evolution and reinvention continue. This winter, your jeans – cuffed, rolled, torn, frayed or cropped – are going to feel naked without a pair of ankle boots.  But here is a little fashion tip: skinny and cropped jeans tend to get the spotlight when partnered with ankle boots. 

Rieker ankle boots
Chunky laced ankle boots from Rieker 

Go smart casual with trousers 

If you are looking for that ‘fashion shoot’ look, then be daring with a pair of stiletto-, flat- or chunky-heeled ankle boots, paired with mid-length to ankle-length trousers. Go bold or floral, or stick with a monochrome or neutral classic look. Go ahead, don a Panama hat, and the cameras won’t stop flashing. 

Tamaris ankle boots
Autumn/Winter 2019 collection - Tamaris ankle boots 

Show a bit of flesh

We know it is winter and it’s freezing, and covering up from head to toe seems obvious, but ankle boots are calling out for you to show some skin, just a little, above the boot edge. (This is a shout-out to our Victorian ancestors, giving them a good reason to turn in their graves!) 

ankle boots
Autumn/Winter 2019 ankle boots collection

PurpleTag showcases ankle boots 

PurpleTag is the online place to shop for this season’s stylish and trendy ankle boots. We suggest you pour yourself a glass of wine and start scrolling through our amazing collection of various brands including Kate Appleby, Marco Tozzi, Clarks and Una Healy. 

Like we said before, one pair will definitely not be enough. We’ll also be surprised if Meghan and Kate haven’t got there before you and added a couple of pairs to their wishlists.  
Discover what else is trending at PurpleTag, Ireland’s easiest online shoe shop. Buy shoes online, with free delivery in Ireland on full-priced merchandise. And before you decide which shoe (or ankle boot) fits, feel free to try at home before you make up your mind.  

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