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Winter Shoe Trends: Ireland’s Online Shoe Retailer, PurpleTag, is Turning Up the Heat!

by Graziele Silva on

Winter is officially here with crackling fires, comfort food warming the soul, and frosty air outside. If the winter weather doesn’t fill you with all the warm and fuzzy feelings, hope is here! There’s a glamorous winter wonderland to be discovered on the landscape of this season’s fashion. As the icy winds blow, you can catch the cool fashion breeze blowing in from PurpleTag - Ireland’s online shoe retailer - and sign this decade off with a flourish by stepping out in style!

Here are some shoe trends that are bringing the heat this winter!

Winter Trends are Spinning the Colour Wheel!

While winter is often associated with grey and sombre hues, this year’s winter trends are making bold declarations with vibrant colours and these are now spilling over into your winter shoe wardrobe, making every day a celebration! It has been rumoured that (any shade of) green is the new black, with purple, magenta, fuschia and yellow close on its heels. If you step out in bright colours this winter, you are guaranteed compliments.

The pick from online shoe retailer, PurpleTag:

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Pop out in hot pink confidence in these Bourbon Amy Huberman boots! 


Winter Trends are Lifting it Higher

Reaching new heights, winter boots are embracing their moment of glory. Majestic high heels ask zero apologies for their sophistication (and neither will you when you wear them!). Heels are not only reaching new heights but are getting a sculptural twist with geometric shapes creating an architectural silhouette. 

For another kind of height, keep your eyes open for bossy knee-high boots walking the PurpleTag online shoe retailer block. Trendy ankle boots have been dominating the fashion scene and knee-highs have been feeling a little left out. Well, no longer. Paired with skirts or dresses, as well as tight pants, they are here to create drama!

The pick from online shoe retailer, PurpleTag:

online retailer

It’s all in the name: ‘Say Whatever’ Una Healy Boots


Winter Trends are Getting Luxuriously Textured

From animal prints to cosy textures and intricate embroidery, winter trends are making full use of the tactile world to surround you with warmth and style. Shoes with soft furry linings will add a soft touch to make you feel at home wherever your feet land this winter. And animal prints, always a classic favourite in some shape or form, are adding attitude from the ground up.  

The pick from online shoe retailer, PurpleTag:

online retailer

If slippers could be shoes … The Sorel AW19 collection 


Winter Trends are Restoring Vintage Chic

Victorian-inspired lace-ups are revolutionising boots with vintage charm. These shoes are infused with mystery - perfect for any girl who thinks outside the shoebox!

Plus, it’s time to get your red lipstick ready, darlings, because the delicate Mary-Jane is back in town, going from little girl cutesy to ladylike sophistication. Prepare to outshine Marilyn Monroe!

The pick from online shoe retailer, Purple Tag:

online retailer

Ruby Shoo is the queen of the Mary-Jane


Winter Trends are Gaining Chunky Ground 

If you’re looking for a kind of retro that is reminiscent of 90s pop and grunge culture, you’re in for a wild ride. Chunky soles and combat boots are making their stand. Like the girls wearing them, they “don’t give a damn ‘bout [their] reputation”. Styled with skirts, however, these chunky soles and fierce boots complete the chic look.

The pick from online shoe retailer, PurpleTag:

online retailer

Rieker Boots - ready for combat


Winter Trends are at PurpleTag 

Make this winter season your stomping ground with PurpleTagyour one-stop online destination for the latest trends in footwear. Whether you gravitate towards metallic mules or whimsical floral heels, let the icy ground be your runway this winter with high-street brands, like Una Healy, Marco Tozzi, Tamaris, and Kate Appleby.

As your online shoe retailer, we’ll deliver FREE to your doorstep, while you stay wrapped up and cosy inside.

Put those slippers on, sit beside the fire, and scroll our full Autumn/Winter 2019 collection.  

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